kitchen remodeling project in Phoenix, AZ

Retro Sage Green Kitchen

This kitchen remodel harmoniously blends modern elements with retro textures. Sage green cabinetry anchors the space, complemented by a geometric tiled backsplash adding depth. White countertops provide clean contrast, while metallic accents like brass hardware and a pot filler introduce warmth. An open shelving unit with mosaic detailing creates a focal point. The U-shaped layout optimizes functionality, featuring a premium dual oven range. Natural light enhances the ambiance through wood-framed windows. The cohesive design achieves a refined yet inviting kitchen that masterfully balances sleek styling with organic charm.

Cooking area
Kitchen overview
Integrated fridge
Retro tile backsplash
Pantry cabinet
Custom wooden shelves
Sink and dishwasher
Sink and fixtures

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